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Experienced and ethical, The Lock Lady is a successful and trusted locksmith in Scottsdale. Our customers prove it by referring us to family, friends and neighbors.

As a trusted locksmith in Scottsdale our commercial and residential locksmith service protects clients throughout the Phoenix Valley.

Are you interested in adding high security locks on your business or home?  Perhaps it's time to redesign with custom lock decor. Custom locks and hardware for doors that don't lock properly is not optimal. By choosing our Scottsdale locksmith service, we can help improve your mechanical security for your business or home. Improving your Scottsdale real estate investment is nice, but security is our main concern.

Find a locksmith in Scottsdale that is competent, ethical and professional. The Lock Lady locksmith service has been noticed by some of the most prestigious companies and our name continues to circulate with excellent referrals. We take security seriously, our installs are perfect and our customer service excellence is a part of our daily method of business.

Upgrade your locks

In order to increase mechanical security, we suggest that some of our Scottsdale customers buy better locks. This is because we often see antiquated locks in this area. Our Scottsdale locksmiths can help you have total key control for your home or business. Protect yourself from criminal attacks and lock bumping. Please see our commercial applications and call us to discuss any concerns you may have. We have fully equipped vehicles in Scottsdale that can provide provide you with accurate estimates for the security you require.

If you need a locksmith in Scottsdale, we are in the city on a daily basis and can offer free phone consultation to answer any of your lock and locksmith questions.

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Scottsdale Locksmith Reviews

AO9FLsPSndmWoOiSsNKuSQThe Lock Lady has literally hundreds of reviews around the web.  Check out her reviews on Google.  Whether you need a Locksmith in Mesa or any other city in metro Phoenix just call and ask a question or schedule am appointment.


Are you a business owner or manager that needs building locks changed or new keypad keyless lock installs?  Perhaps you are a concerned homeowner or investor looking to rekey or install new custom locks?  The Lock Lady has you covered for all you locksmith and door repair needs.

The Lock Lady has been in business in the Phoenix Valley since 2005.  She has reviews from a once very popular site, Kudzu.com.  This was a space much like YELP where reviews from consumers were popular!  See Lock Lady Locksmith Reviews here on Kudzu for a little 5 star Locksmith history.

Mostly, since 2005, she has thrived on referrals from clients.  The Lock Lady Locksmith has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau of Arizona.  She has won service awards from Angie's List.  Her great reviews happen because of her locksmith knowledge, customer service excellence, and genuine concern for her business and residential customers.

So her Phoenix Metro based locksmith service continues to thrive.  Customer Testimonials and Internet reviews are great, but use her service once, and you will understand quickly too that she is an excellent locksmith, and ethical business woman, and she loves helping people with their mechanical security.  Call today for Lock Lady Locksmith service.

"Extensive lock replacement and upgrade, door adjustment, security door adjustments and repair.  Member Comments:  Great work and innovative ideas. Laura is top notch and a delight to work with.  My highest rating."  By Robert L.

Scottsdale Locksmith Service

The Lock Lady locksmith frequently assists Scottsdale business and residential clients. We offer fast and efficient mobile locksmith service to Scottsdale on a daily basis. We look forward to be a continued part of this amazing city's growth and most of all help it's community stay safe and secure.

It is very possible to have ineffective deadbolts on your doors. If you are concerned about your doors not closing or locking properly or older locks needing replacement call your trusted locksmith in Scottsdale today for a free phone consult.

From helping you choose custom door hardware to security your backyard, to having key control of your property, our locksmith in Scottsdale residential service will help you with everything you need.

Scottsdale Locksmith:

"Scottsdale Woman Escapes Locksmith Scam-Hires The Lock Lady Instead."

We don't like to hear about it, but it's good to be aware of what criminals can do to gain access to your property. Fix the locks that "act funny." Please read this information about what can happen when you ignore your mechanical security. Call us and Speak to a locksmith for Scottsdale service. Upon request, we provide a security check with all our Scottsdale service calls.

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