Mobile Locksmith

Do you need a mobile locksmith?

Mobile Locksmith Hire the best mobile locksmith service professional for your home or building. The Lock Lady started her service in Mesa, AZ in 2005.  She services all types of properties from large commercial buildings, medical facilities, restaurants, offices, and garage spaces.  Only using best practices with quality parts and a kind and professional attitude.

The Lock Lady is a five star rated service. She attains this stellar reputation because she is an excellent locksmith. Furthermore, also an honest friendly person and college graduate who understands that every day she needs to provide customer service excellence.   She understands that it is all about the client’s needs no matter what the situation.  So, whatever your need for desiring mobile locksmith service, please contact The Lock lady to schedule your job.

The most important tools needed for a mobile locksmith are the following:

  • Excellent key machine to cut and copy all types of keys.
  • Machines that code keys are also very important to the mobile locksmith. These machines originate all types of keys from manufacture specifications.
  • Many parts for repairing locks and doors
  • Nimble athletic person is a must
  • Experienced, independent locksmiths are the most knowledgeable.  If they weren’t? they would not/will not last in this industry.

 Types of keys to be cut on site as a mobile locksmith:

  • Building keys
  • High security keys
  • House keys-Every home in the valley
  • Desk keys—All types of office desk keys
  • Safe keys- The lock lady specializes in the origination of Sentry safe keys.
  • Mailbox keys
  • Pool Keys
  • Padlock keys
  • File Cabinet keys

Typical mobile services we provide:

Commercial Building Re key –
Evictions- We work with Maricopa County Constable service when needed. The Lock Lady is very respectful and delicate with all parties involved and has done many evictions in a timely and professional manner since 2005.
New home rekey service
Lockout service

mobile locksmith shop

The vehicle a mobile locksmith uses for their business is a VERY telling sign

If you see a “locksmith” pull up to your home or business driving a passenger car–send them away. They are not legitimate. You cannot properly service a business or home from a tiny vehicle. How can you stock a full array of locks or parts? How do they run their machines from a car?
The lock lady started her business in 2005 and had a fully equipped truck.  She then became so successful she now drives a very large, best in class, Sprinter cargo van.
So don’t be fooled by the many fake “locksmiths” running amok in our great state of Arizona. If they arrive at your site, if they are driving a car, they are not legitimate, experienced or fully engaged as a professional mobile locksmith. Please contact The Lock Lady to schedule mobile  locksmith service.