Keypad Deadbolts- Quality Control Issue with Schlage

keypad deadboltsThere is a frequent quality control issue happening with the Schlage BE 365  Keypad Deadbolts.

To date of this writing, I have estimated that I have installed over 500 hundred of these locks over the course of my ongoing 16+ year locksmith career.

The problem I am seeing, FAR too often, is an engagement issue.  Meaning, the lock responds to code input and appears to green light a correct code entry.   However, mechanically, the user is unable to open or lock the dead bolt.

This issue was first detected by The Lock Lady in 2020.  She called Schlage corporate back then and discussed.   She was told, “nothing you can do to fix the issue. The slippage occurs in the chassis and it’s an assembly issue.  Don’t worry under warranty we will ship you another.”

My thoughts?  Thanks, and of course it’s under warranty.  It’s dang brand new out of the box.  And to have this issue with frequency? From official locksmith distribution channels?  It’s not acceptable to still be seeing this issue, and The Lock Lady is now suspicious of this model out of the box for every job that requires it.

Issue with Schlage Keypad Deadbolts Since 2020

Since 2020, she has experienced this issue with three BE 365 units, fresh out of the box, dead on arrival.  And again, Schlage stands behind their warranty, but I expect far more from them.

It’s almost 2022 and expect Schlage to FIX this quality control issue. Period.  please, retrain your assembly line team.  Perhaps make a schematic design change to ensure it never happens again. FIX IT PLEASE!

This information is dedicated to the Lock Lady’s past, current, and future clients.

This information is dedicated to the Lock Lady’s past, current, and future clients.  Know I will always warranty my labor.  And each behemoth lock manufacturer has their own warranties specific to each model.

It’s a new world it seems for every industry.  The supply chains still have a few weak links and these annoyances can happen.   However, if The Lock Lady has issues like this with locks out of the box?  Know it is completely out of her control.

The Lock Lady Testing

The Lock Lady will test this lock out of the box, prior to client arrival onsite.  However, until the lock is mounted, sometimes this issue is discovered onsite.  And, if she has to return onsite for lock warranty issues?  Unfortunately, return trips and time for these efforts must be included for the job.

As a successful independent locksmith, I understand that this tried and true, behemoth lock manufacturer, can’t catch everything.  I understand human error happens. I believe the assembly is completed solely by human hands for this particular lock.  However, it is a known issue.  And I think it’s gone on far enough.  Schlage?  Get it together, please.