Key Duplication

Key Duplication-Control Keys for Better Security

A professional locksmith can give you truly restricted keys for Key Duplication systems. With restricted key systems, you have better control of your keys. For business owners, unwanted key duplication will be a thing of the past. Also, hardware is  enhanced for better locks.

Installing the locks properly is a must, so hire a locksmith you can trust. Having control of key duplication gives a business owner or HOA organization better security. The price of upgraded keys and locks for a system is far less expensive than even one unwanted breach.

Control who has your keys and we can show you a simple way of tracking your keys so that you will always know that the responsible key owner will have access and key duplication is impossible.

key duplication




Keys vs Keyless Access Control

Especially for businesses, having Keyless Entry locks for access control can prevent unwanted key duplication. Employees can be monitored with keyless keypad access control. For security, you should maintain your codes and change them several times to ensure integrity.

Even for home use, access control is the way to go to help safeguard those keys. However, there are some specific advantages and negatives when it comes to keys vs. keyless. This is especially true for homeowners.

Call The Lock Lady to speak to a professional locksmith about these important options.

Restricted keys 

Unwanted access to your business or home can be one of the worst experiences a person can go through.  Personal home theft or theft of a business is painful. There are economical ways to have key control. It's simple. Have Restricted Keys for your business or home.

Do not confuse a master key system with a key control system.  Master keys are convenient not safe. A master key system is appropriate for many commercial uses and almost never appropriate for residential use.

How Does a Key Control System Work?

By purchasing a high security mechanical lock system, you can maintain control of your keys. It is very cost effective. A restricted key system cuts the need for rekey services. The keys  are different from 95% of the locks and keys that exist in any common hardware or home improvement store.

The Lock Lady will explain options for your business or home situation. Our locksmiths have installed these types of mechanical security throughout the Valley for over a decade. Successful strategy for key duplication systems can be set up for nominal costs.

Our clients love the peace of mind, accuracy and price point that goes along with installing this system.