Panic Bar Installation

panic bar installation

Exit devices are commonly known as panic bars or crash bars.  Also, almost every commercial building needs them. It is rare to not see panic bars mounted on fire doors or side exit/entrances. Therefore, the requirements for fire code safety vary from door to door. Exit devices for a commercial building are very important. Lives may depend on their proper operation.

Firstly, a perfect installation is important.  It’s a fact, it’s life safety hardware.  Business owners should only hire a professional locksmith for panic bar installation. In the case of a fire in a building, people need to get out quickly and safely. Panic bars are also called crash bars for exactly this scenario.

The Lock Lady has seen many poor panic bar installations.   Also,  low quality, cheap panic bars mounted from a new build have a short lifespan.  It’s very simple, low quality, cheap panic bars do not last. It’s very common to replace these units when wear becomes excessive. Hire The Lock Lady Locksmith for Panic bar installation.  Only quality products that are UL tested should be installed.

Alarm Panic Bar Exit Device

alarm panic bar

An Alarm Panic Bar exit device is great for stopping unauthorized use of exit doors.  Most importantly, this product meets ADA, UL and safety codes.  Additionally, it is a very useful and economical solution. Also, an excellent choice for restaurants and retail stores concerned with shrinkage. Unauthorized use will trigger a blaring siren.

The Lock Lady has installed this exit device for restaurants.  Shrinkage problems seem to happen near coolers at the rear exit of the kitchen.  It seems,  sometimes steaks and ribs have a way of walking out the back door when management isn’t looking.

Finally, alarmed units are great for retail locations. An economical highlight is battery function. Hard wiring for this alarm unit is not necessary. It is an affordable alarm solution. Hire The Lock Lady Locksmith for your alarm panic bar installation.