Keypad Keyless locks for Keyless Access Control

Keypad Keyless Access Locks for Keyless Access Control

Keypad Keyless Access Control is a term that commonly refers to keypad locks or keyless locks used as entry for buildings. It is a smart choice for all Phoenix Valley business owners concerned with having keyless access control of their employees, especially to restricted areas.

Using a code instead of key system can really help simplify security issues. Especially when it comes to businesses. Unauthorized access to company confidential rooms and offices can lead to theft and disruption to your business. We all know this affects your bottom line.

The Lock Lady is your locksmith for keyless access control - keyless locks as entry systems. We are a Locksmith in in Mesa and have professional fully equipped vehicles located throughout the whole of Phoenix Valley We travel all over the valley daily to give our business clients on-site quotes for keyless access control lock systems. Call us and request to speak to a locksmith for keyless access control options for your building.


Locksmith for Keyless Entry Access Control in Phoenix

Although a locksmith is skilled with keys through centuries, throughout the last few decades the electronic lock has become a standard for business security. Software driven locks for businesses can really be effective security for certain needs and you need to hire a locksmith to install keyless entry systems.

Have More Control of Your Business with keyless access control locking Systems that include not only Keypad Entry Codes, but Audits as well. With audit tracking a business can know who and when employees have gained access to a room. Also, the intelligent locks can have user codes that can restrict certain individuals to certain times. This is perfect for say, a cleaning company or part-time help.Access control does not have to be expensive for a Phoenix business. and you can restrict to one or two doors and not need to wire through walls. For these types of systems in the industry, we call them stand alone units. Avoid Common Key Problems & Increase Security. Do away with the keys to the rooms you want most safeguarded.

Installing Keyless Access Control-Keypad Locks

Keypad locks do NOT need to do any wiring inside your walls. Thus, making for an affordable option for many businesses. Allow doors to be locked or unlocked via a user-programmable keypad, rather than a key. We install quality units with lifetime warranties that are remarkably adaptable and can be programmed to accept a number of different pass codes, with differing privileges. Codes can be designated to allow users in only during specified times, and can track which users unlock a door at any given time. How this is managed depends on which keypad system you choose.

The Access Control units that The Lock Lady installs, come with a Lifetime Warranty. Call and speak to a locksmith specialized in these locks to discuss your options.

Keyless Access Control with Glass Doors

keypad lock for glass doorsIt is possible to install keypad locks in glass doors. This narrow unit, shown to the left, was created specifically for storefront, office type glass doors. Having a code solution for keyless entry with a key override is usually what we suggest for our clients. It has weatherproof options. There are keypad units that can also come with a prox card option. Durable and effective, this is a great choice for a lot of our Phoenix valley businesses. This unit due to it's construction can be more expensive then a solid metal or wood door, however glass and steel are common for Phoenix valley businesses and storefronts.

Panic Bar Alarm Locks-Great for an Exit system


This is a great way to go for a cost effective solution to access control of unauthorized use of exit doors. ASAP has installed these for restaurants needing a solution for shrinkage happening near coolers at the rear exits of their buildings. The above photo is a product that meets ADA, UL and safety codes. A blaring siren goes off when triggered by unauthorized persons. Many options for using this type of unit. It is an excellent choice for restaurants and stores concerned with shrinkage. Hiring a competent detail oriented phoenix locksmith service is key for this access control solution. This phoenix locksmith service has seen many poor installs from builders to handymen trying to get the job don.   Hire The Lock Lady Locksmith to get your door alarm solution done correctly the first time.  Best part, you don't need a contract for this alarm system and it is affordable!

Locksmiths for Access Control Install Questions

The most common question we get from new clients is "How much rewiring does it take to install these locks?" The answer is "none needed". We specialize in stand-alone units that do not require an electrician to come out and rewire your doors. This type of non-wired ACCESS CONROL IS AFFORDABLE. Further, it is a lock with intelligence, which means a business owner can concentrate on other things besides security. Keypad entry with audit capability allows just that. When you want to know when employees arrive for work just run an audit check which takes only a few minutes.

Call us and ask about keyless access control options for your business. Ask to speak with Laura. Who will be glad to set you up with a totally new security design for your company. Smart keyless entry for businesses small or large works.

Our clients really like the units we sell because they are user friendly and cost effective. We only sell quality units that have been tested for use.. There are a lot of manufacturers out there trying to get into this space and they are not all good at what they do. Trust your Phoenix locksmith service, The Lock Lady. Before every install, we test these units , keep current on pertinent industry information, get trained, frequent trade shows and we have personal contacts with manufacturers and distributors to help us get the best pricing for our clients.

BBBLogoYour Phoenix Locksmith - Keyless Access Control Keyless Entry Professionals

Phoenix valley business owners find having at least one door on their building having an intelligent lock very convenient and cost effective. keyless access control, or keypad locks are installed frequently on glass doors. See below.


Before Keyless Access Control

This is a recent job we completed for a series of glass doors on a Phoenix building.

The owner hires part time help frequently and didn't want to be calling The Lock Lady Locksmith service for rekey service,  so he chose Keypad locks for his doors instead.

The Lock Lady was a truly excellent experience. We weren't exactly sure about what we needed for our storefront. I spoke with the owner, and she was very knowledgeable about higher security locks. We purchased several, and they did a Grade A job on the installations and we will use them again. Thanks LOCK LADY!

after-access-glass-179x300-179x300After Keyless Access Control

This door now has state of the art keypad lock system installed. Remember, the price of your keypad lock always varies with the level of intelligence of the lock. More intelligent, the more expensive the lock. For example, if only being able to have users gain entrance with a lock and not being concerned with how many times they enter or when, then a lower level of intelligence is fine. A good example of this would be used on say, a server room door, an internal door on building. However, with an exit/entry door, most employers want to know who gains entry and when. As brief a summary as this post, it is also very important to know whom on your team will be managing the lock system. Most software modules that come with quality systems have very friendly user interfaces along with good technical support teams to assist if you need them. Ask your Phoenix locksmith about options for access control.

QUALITY Access Control Installation Only

We will give you firm estimates and make it easy for you to have us on your security team. We are a highly technical and organized company. All of our service people and staff maintain a high level of client service excellence. Call us and hear the difference. Hire us and see the difference.

Do You Need Keyless Access Control?

If you want easy keyless access control for your employees, it’s a good decision. If you want to be able to view when someone enters your building or a protected room, say a server room or inventory closet, then access control is a good option. If you want to save money on hiring us to come back and rekey your building because there is a key issue…then access control is a great option. We sell and install access control for Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Chandler areas.

Maintenance Plans/Warranty

The Lock Lady has maintenance plans for your building to keep security running smoothly. Ask us. Many of our units offer lifetime mechanical warranties. We ONLY partner with THE BEST manufactures so our clients are secure and very satisfied with the keyless access control locks they purchase from The Lock Lady.


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