Locksmith Eviction Service


Locksmith Eviction Service Police

Do you need to evict a tenant?

The Lock Lady performs  locksmith eviction service for all types of properties. A lot of times we receive calls with questions regarding the eviction process.  Eviction is never a desirable scenario and it is stressful.  If it needs to happen, you should have a really good locksmith Eviction service to call.  Do not hesitate to rekey the property to lock out tenants. We are not lawyers; however, we are very knowledgeable about Arizona Maricopa County tenant rights.

Know Arizona State Law.  You cannot evict a residential tenant just because they are late with rent. Of course, this is the usually the reason why tenants are evicted before their lease is up.  However, it is illegal to hire a locksmith to sneak in when tenant is away and rekey the rental to lock them out.  Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act is the law.  The Lock Lady follows Arizona state law and will not aid in an unlawful eviction.

Need a rental eviction?

Your first step is to contact The Lock Lady Locksmith to make her aware you need locksmith eviction service. The Lock Lady Locksmith will organize a rental eviction with what she calls is an “exact meet.”  This means that a very specific time arrangement will be arranged with owner of property or a chosen property manager and with a Maricopa County Constable.

Then, contact Maricopa County Sheriff’s office and ask for the Constable department. By Arizona state law, Maricopa county Constables will need to be involved during evictions for tenants that are refusing to leave the property. The Lock Lady will gain entry and rekey the property at the time of eviction regardless if tenants are onsite or not.  Remember evictions can be dangerous in certain instances or very time consuming, so call us to discuss fees for your particular situation.

Family Eviction Service

The Lock Lady is always ready to protect her clients interests.   Sometimes, she helps family members with security problems and family eviction service. The Lock Lady will be very professional and courteous.  Eviction service should be completed quickly and effectively.  Well known within Maricopa county Sheriff and Police circles, The Lock Lady, is someone you can trust to get your property back in check. She understands that securing your residential property or  commercial building quickly and correctly is the only way she completes this formality. Hire The Lock Lady Locksmith for Eviction Service.