Residential Locksmith

custom2tall The Lock Lady is a highly skilled and dedicated residential locksmith expert.  Since 2005 repairing home lock mechanisms and installing child safety locks.  The Lock Lady has all the skills, equipment andexperience to bring you an affordable locksmith in Mesa and valley wide.

This is a photo of a recent custom lock install completed in Scottsdale.  The custom lock hardware in the photo carries a lifetime finish guarantee. We are a professional, affordable locksmith service. We repair and install quality hardware only. Call us and speak to a residential locksmith. Servicing doors and locks for Phoenix Valley Residents is what we do. We are your one stop shop for complete service when it comes to locksmith work. We adjust doors and frames so that you have a true working mechanical system. Remember your locks are your first line of defense when it comes to security for your home.

How many people have the key to your home?

Former tenants? Realtors and all involved subcontractors? The previous owners? Their friends, neighbors and friends? The list grows. Be safe, change those locks when you first purchase a new property. You can usually re-key your existing locks and you don’t necessarily have to buy new locks.  Call us and speak to a dedicated residential locksmith – We will go through your options and get you a quote right away.

Upgrade Your Locks

Criminals are getting smarter.  The internet has almost too much information on it about how to defeat locks by picking or bumping locks.  These are methods that in the past, only locksmiths had privy to, and now, generally a lot of criminals use these standard methods to break into homes.  What to do?  Upgrade your mechanical security, so that it makes it difficult to impossible for criminals to use these types of covert methods to get into your home.

Bump Proof Locks Installed

Common Criminal defeat is impossible with certain locks. So please, upgrade your home security!  As a Mesa residential locksmith we carry several lines of locks with different safety options. Our locksmith vehicles are located in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa and Phoenix, and have been completing installs of high security locks due to suspicious break in activity throughout these areas.

Why not upgrade your locks? Call us with any questions and speak to a trusted local residential locksmith – Better locks are good locks for your home. Bump proof locks and keys that are not easily manipulated should be on your home.

You Cannot Duplicate our Keys – Ask Us.

Call us so that we can explain to you our restricted keyways. Basically we can install excellent mechanical security and with that, comes the keys that cannot be duplicated! Then, you can rest assured knowing who has the key to your home! A great option if you regularly have pet sitters, cleaning people, pool or landscape services.

The Lock Lady is a highly respected and trusted Phoenix valley locksmiths. We can help you have the key duplication control and home security that you desire.

residential locksmith

Residential Locksmith

As an expert Residential Locksmith Service we install only the finest lock hardware. This photo is a close shot of the lifetime guarantee finish hardware. You will never have to worry about dull, peeling hardware again. Our Arizona sun really is tough on finishes of any type, but certain lock builders will place a lifetime guarantee on custom finish products. Call us today to ask about how we can help you get the door aesthetics for look, quality and safety.

Door Lock Lock Repairs

Door lock.  We are the residential locksmiths that repair locks. If it is mechanically possible we will fix all of your decorative locks so that you don’t have to buy new. Buying new locks, we know, can be very expensive.

Call us and Speak to a residential locksmith when something is “acting funny” Let’s avoid a lockout, because when a lock starts to fail, you can easily get locked out of your home! And we all know… that’s never convenient!