Security Door Locks – Installation and Replacement

security door locks

Security Door Locks take a lot of abuse over time.  Frames are thin on these systems.  Home settling and slamming metal on metal is tough on locks and doors.  Chances are, if you have had the same locks in your security door for five years or more replacement may be necessary. Older worn locks or specialty European hardware are usually very difficult or just plain impossible for a homeowner to even attempt to change out.

Knowledge of metal doors, frames and locks is very important. Thus, this job can be the most difficult lock project to attempt for most homeowners.  Furthermore, along with replacements and new lock installations on security doors, the frames of the doors usually need to be addressed.  Over time, metal security doors and frames can move, or perhaps the door installer overlooked a lock issue.

Security Door Locksmith

Because a great locksmith has special tools, knowledge and experience to complete lock replacements correctly.  Attempting to fix a security door frame problem yourself and not understanding quite what to do can cause a job that would be simple for a professional to become more challenging.

Luckily, The Lock Lady, loves a challenge and can fix that for you! If you have attempted to fix your door and failed, have no fear!   Truly, she has been fixing all types of security door locks since 2005.  She enjoys her work and corrects problematic lock and door issues for her clients.   She carries specialty locks that look great and will function properly for many years.  Moreover, she will address the door and frame.  Your security door will feel and operate like it was brand new or better.

Finally, keep your security door working smoothly. As always, mechanical security is the first line of defense. Please phone The Lock Lady at 480-380-2080 or use her website to schedule appointments for security door locks.