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Pool Locks-Important-Be Safe

In Maricopa County, your doors will need to be addressed in order to suffice for permits for new pool builds. This photo was taken by one of my clients. You can see the new drill prep necessary to pass inspection. The Lock Lady Locksmith has you covered! Call her to professionally fresh drill and retrofit your doors and locks for your new pool!

Commercial Re-Keys – For Safety. PLEASE Do NOT hesitate to rekey after a disgruntled, irrational employee quits.

Commercial Locksmith Service is more important than ever. The Lock Lady picked up another new commercial client very recently. Unfortunately for my client, it was an emergency call due to a disgruntled employee. And he was threatening the business with gun violence. Know I have been steady re-keying businesses lately for erratic behavior employees. Most of my recent jobs, the employer had no idea an employee was going to leave. Irrational, angry behavior is on the rise. If you are a commercial business reading this post? Please call The Lock Lady if you are planning to lay off ANYONE for ANY reason. Reduce your chances of theft and violence. Call The Lock Lady for your building rekeys ASAP. Professional service. I work with all commercial locks. Please Be Safe.

Got deadbolts?

deadboltsKnow that deadbolts are NOT all created equal. The Lock Lady has High Security Commercial Deadbolts on her home. They are the best mechanical security you can have on your doors. First, they have to be high quality. Second, they are unique keyways and made of titanium. Third, the frames of your doors need to be upgraded to accept a high security deadbolt. Call and ask The Lock Lady questions about having BETTER locks for your home or business.

Great Locksmiths Pick Locks – The Lock Lady will do the right thing for lockout calls.

pick lockThe Lock Lady PICKS LOCKS. Drilling locks like this are a nightmare for anyone, even a pro. An excellent locksmith will never arrive and start drilling for a normal lockout. Locksmiths are supposed to be able to pick locks. Of course, no locksmith is perfect all the time, and there will be a case where a lock has mal-functioned, or after a solid attempt, picking is not an option. Any “locksmith” that arrives in response to your lockout call whom automatically starts drilling away at the problem… is not talented. Also, THAT ‘Locksmith” will cost you more in damage and replacements. The padlock in this photo was attached to this trailer. The owner of this lock was very happy and surprised that The Lock Lady picked it open. The padlock in this photo is one of the toughest locks any locksmith will be asked to pick open. Lost keys can get anyone into trouble. Hire The Lock Lady. She is a Christian woman who is always going to do the right thing for her clients on every call. Her first response to your lockout call will not be to arrive with a drill.

Sign of the Times. Evictions are up.
It is a very sad and concerning time for all affected. In this unfortunate circumstance, property owners and their affiliates will need to hire an Eviction Locksmith. Security cannot be overlooked. Locks need to be updated for all evictions. Please call The Lock Lady for professional courteous service.

Lousy Contractors-Just Fix it

schlage locksHomeowner hired a contractor and he just never returned for work or returned my client’s key! The Lock Lady picked into his house and rekeyed it. Then installed this puppy on his pretty blue front door. No more keys for the next contractor. This is a great way to keep home access simple during construction. Call The Lock Lady if you need help. She secures buildings and homes. And will always do what is best for her clients!

Watch OUT! – Locksmith Scams 

Do NOT get taken by locksmith scams. They are abundant. They are scary and real. See this disturbing news video about a woman in Las Vegas who was intimidated and charged over $1000 for a lockout! Link: If you need emergency service? Call an honest locksmith. Keep my number handy and call The Lock Lady!
locksmiths and divorce

Locksmiths and Divorce.

Unfortunately, you need to hire a locksmith during the break up. The Lock Lady Locksmith has seen and heard of some very sad and vindictive situations when rekey service is not ordered fast enough. Love and war can be twice as heartbreaking as the split up and even dangerous if domestic violence is a potential factor. See The Lock Lady’s article on locksmiths and divorce. Know your lawyer will suggest a rekey for whomever will be keeping the house during the transition period. Keep safe and tone down the strife. Re-key during times of divorce. Hire the compassionate Lock Lady to help during this period. Fast, fair and friendly service in your time of need.