Locksmiths and Divorce

locksmiths divorceIt’s very sad when a marriage doesn’t make it.  The Lock Lady knows all about locksmiths and divorce.  If you are going through a divorce in Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Phoenix, Gold Canyon, Tempe or Queen Creek, and you are the partner who is keeping the house, hire The Lock Lady to help you through this tough time.

The Lock Lady has been helping divorcees, both men and women, secure their homes during your transition. Locksmiths know about the perils of divorce.  Your former husband or wife is acting crazy?  Ask your lawyer if all is clear to re-key your house.  Important to note: DO NOT hesitate to rekey at FIRST chance.

In Mesa a Murder Suicide  happened as the wife just started the process of divorce, did NOT rekey her residence, soon to be ex husband re-entered residence and killed her then himself.  PLEASE, especially women, call your lawyer, then call The Lock Lady and rekey your home.

Re-key during Divorce

Vindictive, unlawful, insane behavior that is impossible to prove without video. Divorce will make some do things that would have been unthinkable to the former other half. Re-key during divorce process and do it fast. A soon to be, ex-wife,  stopped by her former house,  used her key to enter,  only to turn on the water in the bathtub and then left. This caused THOUSANDS of dollars of damage.

The Lock Lady Locksmith has witnessed the unfortunate circumstance of an ex-(husband or wife) waiting just ONE DAY too long to rekey the house.  One instance was an ex-husband stopped by his former home, while ex-wife was at work, and used his key to enter, to raid her jewelry box and take their kids’ entertainment tablets, from their house, over to his new apartment.

On one divorce call, The Lock Lady Locksmiths arrived to hear that the soon to be ex-husband had used his key to enter AT NIGHT when his former wife was at work and STOLE HER DOG.  She then called The Lock Lady to rekey the house.  She was understandably distraught, and as soon as she met The Lock Lady and she started rekeying her home, the woman fell asleep on her couch from relief and exhaustion.  About an hour later, The Lock Lady Locksmith had to gently wake her when work was completed.

To all going through a divorce: It’s simple. Change the locks.  Lock Lady Locksmith will handle your divorce call with professionalism and empathy. She FAST and Efficient and will rekey your home correctly.  Hire her during your time of divorce. Using locksmiths during a divorce is an absolute necessity.

Protect yourself. Protect your investment. Regain peace of mind. Hire The Lock Lady Locksmith to help with your security during divorce.