Female Locksmith in Phoenix

female locksmith

The Lock Lady is a Female Locksmith in Phoenix since 2005.  Hopefully, you have reached this page for exactly the quick reference you needed to contact with questions regarding commercial locks for buildings or residential locks for home security.

Since 2005 this female locksmith genuinely loves helping her clients protect their businesses and stay safe. When you find yourself locked out of  anything, call The Lock Lady. No matter a car, home, office, file cabinet, safe, desk drawer. Call the best female locksmith in Phoenix to help you.  Ask for The Lock Lady Locksmith.  Check out the new rig!  The Lock Lady rolling in style with her new mobile locksmith shop!

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New Lock Lady Locksmith Rig!

Locked Out?

Locked Out The Lock Lady will get you back in!  She is very good a picking locks, but if there is a rare occasion that calls to destroy a lock, rest assured you have hired a building lockout specialist! When you call for locked out service, know that you will be given an accurate time frame for arrival.  Our quotes to our customers will be accurate based on the information we are given on the phone.  Lockouts can be stressful, but try and relax and be assured knowing that you will be treated kindly, fairly and with respect. You can depend on The Lock Lady to get you back in and on your way.  Moreover, know that The Lock Lady is a professional lock picker.  If your lock is pickable, and 85% of them are, she will pick you in without damage. She does not upcharge or take advantage of people who need help.  Call now.