About The Lock Lady Locksmith

laura cordovano
About the lock lady locksmith

About The Lock Lady Locksmith

Potential clients ask a lot of questions about The Lock Lady Locksmith.  First one is usually How did you get into this business? She established her company in 2005 and has become a highly trusted professional Locksmith in Mesa and services the entire Phoenix valley.

A tom boy from way back, she was always riding her Dad’s coattails around the house. Her Dad built their house they lived in for many years and was an electrician for the US Army.  So tinkering with mechanics and construction applications runs in the family. Sports came naturally to her and she loves the get up and go aspects of her locksmith business. After graduating college in Boston she worked for some great companies such as Harvard Business School and Intuit Corporation prior to forming her locksmith company.

Over the years, she tired of the politics that come with corporations. After she had fixed and flipped a few houses, she realized she wanted to do what she loved, which was a contractor-based life. Getting up every morning to tools and projects was it!  So, she signed up for locksmith school and hasn’t looked back. She received nationally approved training from a highly respected locksmith school.  She won lock-picking and key-impression contests in school and has completed a specialized courses like Defense Against Methods of Entry.

Coupled with her personal passion for life-long education,  she attends ongoing training with the arrival of new locks in the the industry.  All of this adds up to many years of hands on experience of running a successful locksmith service in Phoenix metro valley since 2005.

Valley-Wide Locksmith Service

The Lock Lady is a busy and quality driven Valley-Wide locksmith service.   Maricopa County police officers use The Lock Lady Locksmith to secure their personal homes.  Blue Lives Matter and Laura is always happy to help the Blue team in any way possible!

Even though The Lock Lady is a busy locksmith.  However, please know your questions will be answered promptly. In addition to service level, dedication,  makes The Lock Lady locksmith services stand out among competition. Proud of our long term business relationships.

Coupled with her knowledge of locks, she goes the extra mile to  helping solve problems for clients. Moreover, she performs her work accurately, quickly, and at a great price point..

Locksmith Certifications and Insurance

five-star-rated-smlThe Lock Lady locksmith service carries full liability insurance coverage with Allstate.  An Arizona registered company as ASAP Lock & Security, LLC with her registered branded name The Lock Lady.  This locksmith service is in excellent standing as a highly rated locksmith  around the web.  Please feel comfortable to discuss your security concerns with The Lock Lady at any time.

Trusted Phoenix Valley Locksmith

Our dependability is unsurpassed and e only use best practice methods. For a trusted phoenix valley locksmith, call for emergency, scheduled installs, re-keys, master key systems, access control or a simple security check.  The Lock Lady will be there on time with a fully equipped mobile unit, eager to do your job correctly and with a smile on her face. She truly loves being a locksmith and contributing to the Phoenix communities.  She loves protecting business owners and home owners stay safe.