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alarm lock installerThe Lock Lady Locksmith is easy to work with and has billing options for businesses.   A solid reputation and a great warranty make for perfect lock installation – lock installer service.  A professional work ethic and tons of knowledge are choice reasons to hire The Lock Lady for lock installation service.



Alarm Lock Installation

Alarm Lock InstallationAlarm Lock installation must be perfect! So, don’t try it on your own. The Lock Lady Locksmith installs all types of Alarm Lock access control.  Moreover, Alarm Lock is a fantastic stand-alone access control unit.  We recommend this unit over many other available systems.   It is a great choice for businesses.  The Lock Lady has completed Alarm Lock installation in server rooms,  offices and external building doors.  The Lock Lady has installed hundreds of these units. The photo to the left is an office door with reinforcement.

So remember,  the more sophisticated the lock, the more complicated the install.   Which is, most likely, a fraction of the time that it would take a lay person whom has no experience with these powerful locks. However, installation must be perfect or these intelligent locks will not serve you.  Many manufacturers will void their warranty if locks are not installed by a  professional locksmith. Furthermore, The Lock Lady Locksmith rates are reasonable. Below are photos of a recent alarm lock installation on a rear steel door with shield guard.

Before Alarm lock installation

Before Alarm Lock Installation

Alarm Lock Installation complete

Alarm Lock Installation completed


Technical Support for Alarm Lock

Technical support for Alarm Lock is only available for installation experts like The Lock Lady Locksmith.  If you would like to have us program your locks,  we  handle technical support questions.  Usually, there are very few technical support issues to call out because The Lock Lady Locksmith has been a lock installer for keypad keyless access control since 2005.

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