Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures
For your knowledge, please review our policies and procedures. The Lock Lady is a professional locksmith service for businesses, investors and home owners.

  1.  When you phone The Lock Lady Locksmith for service, rest assured, your call will be answered promptly, politely and professionally.  If The Lock Lady is unable to answer your phone call, please listen to the comprehensive voicemail message regarding her services.
  2.  The Lock Lady finishes every job asking that you inspect all work before departure.  All work is final unless otherwise noted on your invoice.
  3.  Rekeys/Door Alignments.  Rekeys are rekeys. Door work is door work.  If you pay for rekeys, that is what you will receive.   The Lock Lady may suggest door work.  If you decline other suggested work at time of service?  Please do not call back and expect free returns for more service.  The Lock Lady is happy to return.  You will incur another invoice for more work requested.
  4.  Especially for residential calls, The Lock Lady requires confirmation that you are onsite.  She will phone or text prior to arrival.  Kindly, please answer your phone or text.
  5.  Installation warranties vary.  Each manufacturer has specific warranties however, labor for failures or factory quality assurance issues are not covered.
  6.  All remote payments will be completed using Zelle or Credit Card Form Authorization.  All payments are final unless otherwise noted.
  7.  Do not call The Lock Lady Locksmith for instructions on how to install locks or advice for what is the best lock for you.  The Lock Lady will give all the advice and information  you desire when you hire her for service on your building or home.
  8.  Do not try to barter for services. Do not try to negotiate pricing with The Lock Lady. Her prices are extremely reasonable and she knows it. This is one of the many reasons her word-of-mouth referrals are abundant.
  9.  The Lock Lady will NOT communicate or work for combative or abusive individuals or individuals who use foul language.
  10.  The Lock Lady has the right to refuse service, at any time, to anyone whom she does not feel comfortable transacting business.

Billing Policies :

1. We will not bill for residential service. Invoice and all questions will be addressed at time of service. Payment is collected at time of service.  No exceptions.  All sales are final unless otherwise noted on your invoice.

2. LOCKOUTS require payment at the time of service. Please review:

• The Lock Lady will provide accurate pricing and arrival times for lockouts.
• We do not bill for lockouts.
• Upon arrival, all paperwork and payment will be completed first before we get you in.

3. Commercial billing is available.  We have many clients on billing cycles. Pre approval is necessary.

4. For property owners whom are not in the area, we can make arrangements for service and remote payment via Zelle or our Credit Card Authorization form.  All payments final unless otherwise noted.

Quote Procedures:

  1. Over the phone quotes will be accurate BASED UPON INFORMATION GIVEN when ordering service.
  2. Pricing varies between working with various types of locks, lockout issues and time of service requested. ASAP service is always elevated. Types of lockouts vary and questions will be asked for accuracy.
  3. The Lock Lady may require you to email photos of your project in order to quote your job.

 The Lock Lady is a talented locksmith who is always happy to help her clients.  Know that you have hired an ethical, competent locksmith for your mechanical security needs.