Rekey Locksmith

Need to hire a Rekey Locksmith?


Confused about what it means to have to hire a rekey locksmith? Perhaps your realtor suggested to re key your home or business? Hire a professional, trusted locksmith to rekey your home or building.  Our rekey locksmith will remove all the internal parts of your lock.  Rekeying is much more cost effective than buying new locks. The point of a rekey is to be certain that you have maintained control of the keys to your business or home. Rekey locks service  means that the current keys to the locks on your building or home will no longer work.

Rekey for the following reasons:

Business Rekey:

  1. Employee has been terminated and you do not have a restricted key system.
  2. Just moved into a new office space. Office rekey is a must.
  3. Missing keys to internal offices that you now need to lock up.
  4. You want to create a master key system to keep control of access and have convenience.

Home Rekey

  1. Just purchased a new home or condo.
  2. Switched pet service providers
  3. Changed cleaning service providers
  4. Family issues and want security
  5. Divorce or seperation
  6. Investors/Landlords: You just changed tenants. It is an Arizona law that you must rekey for new tenants. If you do not and there is an issue, you will be successfully sued and lose in court.

Rekey Locksmith


Choosing a Re key Locksmith Service:

When you hire a large or mid-size company for any mechanical task, whether it be plumbing, electrical, carpentry, the only thing that counts is how your job is completed. Understand that no person arriving at your home will ever care more about doing your job correctly then an owner-operator.

The Lock Lady locksmith knows that no other locksmith in the Phoenix valley cares more about doing an outstanding job than she does.  A college educated woman who loves Arizona and loves protecting Arizona residents and business owners.

There is a correct way to rekey locks and a lazy way to rekey locks.  The Lock Lady performs rekey service in a very thorough and security focused manner. The Lock Lady is a successful small businesswoman and a hands on owner-operator.  When hiring a small business and especially an owner operator, you have set yourself up to receive better customer service and the most bang for your buck.


A locksmith is a contractor like any other type in the Phoenix valley.  The Lock Lady Locksmith has been rekeying homes and buildings in Arizona since 2005.  First, she is highly reputable for running an A+ rated locksmith service. The Lock Lady owns a level one fingerprint card issued from the State of Arizona.  She has always carried millions of dollars in liability insurance (that she has never had to use).  Installing only high quality parts and locks,  she is also a clean, professional and pleasant contractor to have in your home to perform this service.

The phrase “peace of mind“ is completely appropriate to describe this service completion. More accurate even is the fact that you have now achieved key control of your property. Cheers.