Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

A professional, trusted commercial locksmith for the Phoenix Metro area. Outstanding customer service. Above all, time-tested locksmith experience. Furthermore, an owner operated service business. Furthermore, only The Lock Lady will work on your building.

In fact, we will arrive on time, to complete locksmith service. We arrive fully stocked with quality parts and machines. Equipped to get the job done correctly the first time.

In addition, our commercial locksmith service offers door enhancement.  Problems with door locks often stem from door issues. The Lock Lady can help avoid common criminal attacks by enhancing door frames. Proactive security is always best.

Commercial Break In Damage

Commercial lock
Break In
commercial locksmith fix

The left photo shows a single lock on a rear door with commercial break in damage. This door belongs to a long time Lock Lady client. The Lock Lady knows how criminal minds think and vulnerable gateways for criminals to break into a business. When my client moved into this building, I suggested that this particular door, located in a lonely back alley, be better secured.

Business owners are savvy, intelligent people. They want to save money. I get it. However, this client did unfortunately become a victim of theft because of this door not having enough mechanical security. Even though it is a steel door with a decent commercial lever, it is not enough security for a vulnerable area on a building.

The story ends with the client promptly calling The Lock Lady to secure the door the way she wants to do it in the most economical fashion. The photo on the right is the result of increased security  A steel door with cement strikes. An install only a commercial locksmith should manage for a client.

Glass Door Break In

Break-in damage occurs on unprotected doors. Period. Likewise, a glass door break in can happen.  A lot of times they can be easily manipulated. In addition to upgrading glass door locks, we upgrade glass door frames. Therefore, mechanical security should be addressed.  An example appears below. One type of door guard was installed. Hire us to protect your business.  Hence, protect your door locks. Check it out. Same door. New hardware. As a result, hardened security. Certainly, this client has avoided being a target for criminals again.

Glass Door Break In
Break In
Glass Door Breakin
Business Rekey issues

Employee Turnover

Employee turnover time?  Then it’s time to call The Lock Lady and update your security. Consequently, we offer affordable commercial solutions during employee turnover. First, upgrade your key system.  Moreover, provide Key control for access safety. Ask us. We install  high security key systems.  Many times, we work with your existing hardware. Proactive security is best.

So, call to discuss security options for your building.  Mechanical lock alarms installed. Also, Fast Rekeys and same day service upon request. Finally, know that you have hired a capable, organized locksmith who is trained and specialized in being a part of your security team.

Commercial Service

Commercial Locksmith Services Provided:

  • Emergency locksmith-Lockouts
  • Keypad Keyless Locks for Access Control
  • Master Key Systems
  • Re-key Services
  • Door Repair
  • Lock Repair
  • Lock Installations
  • ADA compliant Locks Installed (We install ADA compliant locks. ADA building access a specialty.
  • Also, a great locksmith understands fire code compliance.
  • Fire Code compliant locks installed.