Commercial Locksmith – Mesa – Phoenix – Scottsdale

A professional commercial locksmith service for Mesa and the entire Phoenix valley.  We install quality lock hardware.  Update your building to prevent common criminal attacks.

Outstanding Customer Service is what to expect from The Lock Lady.  A highly professional, reputable and trusted Commercial Locksmith Security options can be confusing.  We will walk you through all of your options.  We also repair and replace commercial doors.  Install and repair door closers and mechanical alarm systems.

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ADA Compliant

ADA Compliant locks sold.  Have questions about compliance? Let our Locksmith service help with ADA Compliant concerns. The Lock Lady Locksmith has been offering a consultative approach to security since 2005.  A  commercial locksmith service that specializes in building compliance. We will offer solid advice.  Call us to set an appointment for options for your business. 

Looking for a professional, reputable and trusted Commercial Locksmith Service in Mesa Phoenix or Scottsdale?  We provide locksmith service to the entire valley.  Call to discuss building security.  We also install commercial doors and mechanical alarm systems.

Commercial Locksmiths are usually called in after a theft or employee changes. There are many ways we can help with affordable commercial solutions - Let our commercial locksmith team help you avoid becoming a target.

As a business owner,  The Lock Lady strives to provide useful content The Lock Lady Locksmith on Google+

Our Commercial Locksmith Services Include:

  • Emergency locksmith-Lockouts
  • Keypad Keyless Entry for Access Control
  • Master Locksmith Key Systems
  • Re-key Services
  • Door Repair
  • New Door Installations
  • Lock Repair
  • New Lock Installations
  • ADA compliant and Fire Safety solutions 

Commercial Locksmith Services provided by The Lock Lady:

Hire a professional commercial locksmith service to protect your building.  Below is a visual example in certain instances for break in damage. We repaired this building many years ago. This client has never had to call us back for another break-in.


Before - Vulnerable

Protect your building. Without guards and correct rings - doors are vulnerable to common criminal attack.


After - Secure Locks

Talented Commercial locksmiths should be knowledgeable about door frames. After there is criminal mischief, it is an absolute that your door frame and locks need protection. Builders rarely install secure applications for suites during construction. If you have not updated your doors, most likely, you are still vulnerable.  After The Lock Lady Locksmith secures new installs the job will be correct with best mechanical protection in place.