Business Locksmith

business locksmith

If you manage a business location, at some time, you will have to hire a business locksmith to secure the building. That locksmith should be knowledgeable about many types of locks, fire code safety and doors. A business locksmith will know how to install and rekey the types of locks you see on doors such as these pictured double doors.

Locksmith work and billing for your business locations can be arranged easily with The Lock Lady Locksmith service. Commercial Business clients often need our services on an emergency basis. Honest pricing and priority service are only two reasons why her clients use her services strictly throughout the years.

Door Repair for Business

door repair

The Lock Lady Locksmith has very talented door installers and door repair experts on her team.   If your doors on your business locations are not working to industry standards, daily business operations can suffer.  It is natural for doors that get a lot of use will need to be adjusted from time to time. The Lock Lady Locksmith team understands commercial door  issues.

If your doors need assistance, please phone us.  As we always say, call us when things are “acting funny” because left ignored, can become a larger headache for the business owner.

Business Locksmith Valley Wide

slide-keypad-keyless-locks-modified copy

Another way to have control of your business location is to install keyless keypad entry locks. There are a variety on the market.  Moreover, know that The Lock Lady Locksmith will only install best in class.  As your trusted business locksmith valley wide, you can think of our services as your business security team. Ongoing service will be fast response and fair pricing because we want to earn your business and trust.

Broken commercial locks


Most small and medium sized businesses will never need a full time security company onsite. Broken commercial locks are not ever wanted, however, having a go-to business locksmith is always a good option.  Also, know that your employees will have an immediate go-to security expert on call.

In fact, the longer you wait for repairs the more parts we will have to replace. Our long-term professional clients are extremely satisfied with The Lock Lady business locksmith service! Call us when any doors or locks are “acting up.”  Any broken lock or door “issue” that is ignored will only get worse. Contact The Lock Lady today for excellent locksmith and door service for your building.

If you do not want to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive alarmed keypad access system, having key duplication control for your business is a great option. As a business owner, you have to hire great help for all company projects. Controlling who has a key to your office space should always be a priority. Cut the potential liability of unwanted access and hire a locksmith who can communicate great solutions for your particular space. Chances are that a great locksmith can show you ways to secure your business that you have not yet considered!