Door Repair for buildings

door repair

The Lock Lady Locksmith has very talented door installers and door repair experts on her team. If your building doors on your business locations are not working to industry standards, they can really slow down daily business operations. It is natural for doors that get a lot of use will need to be adjusted from time to time. The Lock Lady Locksmith team understands commercial door issues.

Doors that do not close properly are a problem.  Gaps and security breach is a potential theft waiting to happen. See the photo to the right, if this mechanism is not doing it’s job properly, the entire door can swing with great force.  Doors that swing wildly, are a potential lawsuit waiting to happen. Commercial doors are very heavy and can hurt someone if not swinging correctly.

If your doors need assistance, please phone us or schedule us online. As we always say, call us when things are “acting funny” because left ignored, can become a larger headache.

Commercial Locksmith

Door repairs and master keying are some of the common requests for The Lock Lady. Since 2005 she has been a commercial locksmith working with a great door repair expert. We team up to provide complete door and lock service for commercial space. Call and ask us questions or ask a question online and we will get back with you asap.