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locksmith phoenix

Many business owners, investors, Realtors, and home owners call my locksmith Phoenix service.   Projects like re-keying, installations, upgrades and lockouts. Control keys to your building, home or investment property.

Make sure that a re-key service for your property is done correctly.  If you are concerned for any reason about your keys?  There are many lock applications that will keep your property safe.  The Lock Lady Locksmith Phoenix is a professional who will arrive ready to service your home or building and offer quality suggestions for staying safe.

When to call a locksmith

When to Call?

  • Re-key or upgrade your locks when employees leave.
  • Re-key when you’ve  just moved offices. Landlords do not usually change locks during turnovers.
  • Fix the locks, keys and doors that are “Acting Funny” now so that an emergency lockout situation will not happen.
  • Install quality hardware that lasts and is only found in locksmith channels

Remember, regardless of your alarm system, your mechanical security is your first line of defense. Call for help securing your Phoenix office building or storefront. We are the locksmith in Phoenix to ask about Keyless Access Control – keypad keyless entry for audit capabilities and coded building entry.

When an employee leaves… No need to change locks, just omit their assigned code. There are many ways and pros and cons to locks and code access. So Call us – We give Free Locksmith Estimates and phone consultations.


Keys for Your Phoenix Business

All of our customers have emergency locksmith dedication.

Our locksmiths arrive quickly and are ready to protect  and service your business, home or help you with a lockout situation.  We also install Restricted keyways with keys that can’t be duplicated by employees or service people.

Locks that can’t be picked, manipulated, and are drill resistant to attack.

Ask us about key duplication control.

Have Restricted Keyways for key duplication control. Install Bump Proof Locks. Code Access control for buildings or homes. Call Us and speak to a  Phoenix Locksmith who can suggest better security for your business or home. Whether you are interested in customizing your home with better security and more aesthetically pleasing decor, we can do that for you and help you choose better locks.

phoenix locksmith

Trusted Phoenix Locksmith

Whether an emergency locksmith situation or you’d like to enhance security and need a quote quality Phoenix locksmith service every day.  Quality warranties and parts.  Insured. Trusted since 2005. Call The Lock Lady to receive dedicated, guaranteed quality and lasting results for commercial properties and homes.

My clients know that our Phoenix Locksmith service has dedicated support for business and residential clients. We have commercial locksmith service for quick response and our vans are stocked with quality parts to fix any situation you have at your building, storefront, or investment property. Please phone us with questions and schedule for professional, courteous, and knowledgeable service.

Service Locations for Phoenix AZ locksmith services:
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