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For any business owner or operations manager,  security breach issues,  poorly working locks,  and unnecessary lockouts can be a nightmare. Our Locksmith Chandler service can help with these issues and get them corrected quickly and at an affordable price. Our Chandler locksmith service does not stop with the install or rekey. Call us and ask about how we can help be a part of your security team.

Business or home mechanical security is your first line of defense against criminal attack. Period. We are the Chandler locksmith service  to ask about keyless access control for buildings.

We can help you with numerous hardware applications including panic bars, alarmed panic access, glass door applications.




Locksmith Service for Business and Homes

Security and applications for function are first for buildings and homes.  However, aesthetics are important and we can provide our business clients with the newest functional hardware.   Also, we order and install custom hardware for your home. We take the time to inspect doors for security and function and then help you choose the right finish and look for your decor.  In fact, home hardware can be confusing, so obtain the opinion of a trusted locksmith in Chandler.  Laura can help you with advice and ordering custom locks.



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Locksmith in Chandler Asks A Simple Question

If you have just moved your business to Chandler or have just purchased a home, our Chandler locksmith asks you one simple question. Who has the key to your Chandler building or home? Former tenants? Service people and employees? The previous owners? Their friends and family members? Be safe. Change those locks so only you and the people you know have the keys to your home. You can re-key to your existing locks. You don't necessarily have to buy new locks. Call us and speak to a locksmith who knows and secures Chandler AZ and the rest of the Phoenix valley.  Remember to re-key your locks when employees leave.  We can't say it enough,  Chandler businesses-please, have key duplication control. You can have control of who owns and who can copy your keys! Ask this Chandler locksmith how you can have key control for your business or home.

Professional Locksmith in Chandler

five-star-rated-smlA Proud 5 Star Rated Business! We warranty our work and stand behind the quality products we sell. Insured. Trusted. Dedicated. Guaranteed. Your dedicated locksmith in Chandler is experienced with the buildings and egress applications. Our locksmith team as well as our reception team practice Service Excellence Every Day. Call us and Speak to a locksmith in Chandler who could be servicing your building today. We want you to think of us as more than a Chandler locksmith contractor.  We want you to know that we take your building and home security seriously and we are a part of your security team. Call us today to speak to a professional locksmith in Chandler.

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