How to find good locksmiths

The Lock LadyWhen doing an internet search on locksmiths, it is quickly discovered that there are many  listed.  Often unscrupulous locksmiths advertise deals offering very low service call pricing to lure consumers.  These companies practice what is commonly known as “price jacking.”

So what is price jacking?  It’s a bait and switch pricing  game.  Be aware of this common scam. If you really question these companies on their pricing, say for a lockout call for locked keys in the car, they will say something like it will be “$15 service call plus labor.”  Know that a  good locksmith company, or any other service company for ANY emergency service cannot offer $15 service calls and stay in business, so get ready to pay a big price for the “plus labor” part of your quote.

When they arrive to help you into your car or home and there you are stuck having to pay them an inflated price for service. Usually quite well over a $95 quote!  Oh, and how you wished you had hired the locksmith you phoned who priced out your lockout for a flat fee.

Locksmiths Lockout check list-questions:

  1. Does the company have a professional web site?
  2. Was the person courteous and professional on the phone?
  3. Did you receive a flat price quote?
  4. Does the Locksmith have liability insurance?
  5. What is their rating with Google and Yelp?

Locksmiths Can Be Stealth at Advertising

When completing the most popular searches, locksmiths,  operate in a very competitive arena on the internet.  However, many poor locksmiths advertise on search engines.   They pay to be positioned at the top of the page so it is easier for most consumers to find their website.

What a consumer should also know is that some locksmiths often advertise under different names.  This is because many of these types of locksmiths run a shoddy service, so when their reputation becomes tarnished they continue to use other names to trick the public into phoning again if they had a bad experience previously.  There are only rare instances where a locksmith business has just absorbed another company and is in the process of merging their customer base and name.  When a consumer is comparing locksmiths, if you find a locksmith that is advertising under different names, I would suggest you move along quickly and interview another company.

Locksmiths Run A Mobile Service Business

Locksmiths are to install, repair and perform maintenance for locks on buildings and homes.  And locksmiths run a mobile locksmith business or they are simply not locksmiths! Mechanical security is the first line of defense for theft.  Trust the locksmith you hire.  For consultative, professional locksmith service call her for service for any metro Phoenix city.
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