Rekey Mesa, AZ- Uptick in service calls-Opioid Crisis

Rekey for safety

Rekey Mesa, AZ – Opioid Crisis

The Lock Lady Locksmith has seen an uptick in rekey Mesa, AZ calls. The opioid crisis in Mesa, AZ is real, very sad and alarming.  The pain of this issue affects so many families here in Mesa, Arizona.

The Lock Lady is very busy with Rekey calls regarding divorces directly resulting from this wide-spread epidemic. Also, she sees an uptick of Rekey calls from upset and fearful parents, who have adult children living close by, and whom are suffering from this addiction.  The bottom line is this…

People who are addicted to opiates will do almost anything to get money to buy more.  They cannot help themselves. So ill and desperate with their addiction problem; stealing becomes a justified act.

Sadly, if an addicted person has a key to your property they WILL steal from a parent, sister, brother, son, daughter, or neighbor. The addicted person is in pain and could act erratically. Have wild mood swings and even violence.  They need professional, medical help.

They WILL use their spare key to slip into their parent’s house to steal whatever they can pawn. The Lock Lady Locksmith has given out many hugs and condolences to many of her clients who have to deal with this problem.

Pain and Help

So, please, if you are going through the pain and pressure of having an addicted loved one in your family, put a stop to the nervousness of them entering your home unexpectedly and acting out wildly.  No more fearful thoughts of “I hope they don’t take my (fill in the blank) while I’m at work.”  “I hope they don’t use their key to come over in the middle of the night again to ramble about paranoid things. I am worn out”

Protect yourself so YOU can feel safer at home. Call The Lock Lady Locksmith to rekey your home and mailbox. Then you can sleep better and free yourself up to concentrate on trying to help your loved one.  The Lock Lady is a compassionate person and an expert locksmith. Great rates and locksmith help for you during this difficult time.