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As a trusted locksmith Mesa AZ service, The Lock Lady, travels the entire valley daily to service buildings and homes.  We hope you find this website a useful resource for security information. If a question comes to mind, please phone us with it! Our office and our by appointment service location is 701 S. Ellsworth Rd, Mesa AZ 85208.

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Mobile Mesa AZ Locksmith

A picture is worth a thousand words. As registered local business you can trust, this mobile Mesa locksmith carries only quality parts. Our mobile lock shop is fully equipped to carry literally thousands of locksmith parts and locks.

You can usually trust an owner of a company who pastes their photo as their company branding. She only completes excellent locksmith work and really loves her industry. Her customers immediately recognize her and relate to her as a highly trustworthy locksmith with a fantastic reputation.

Beware of companies in this industry. There are a lot of national scam companies in our community who frequently change names and use forwarded phone numbers to advertise their business.

Mesa AZ Locksmith Has The Key to Security

We have industry best solutions for your Mesa business or home. As a knowledgeable Mesa AZ locksmith we understand what types of lock hardware and security solutions fit best for your business or residential architecture. Doors and frames are important! We never just fix a lock without addressing door issues.

We fix some common problems to help you increase security on your building or home. With every service call we provide a full assessment of your property. Our customers are always seeking advise on best locks and keys to purchase, so call us to schedule a security assessment for your business or home. Never a pushy sales experience.  A trusted locksmith serving the entire Phoenix valley since 2005.  Some of our clients like to bring in a safe or lock problem.  Please call ahead to ensure The Lock Lady can look at or give you advice on the phone before making a trip.

A Mesa Locksmith You Can Trust

You can entrust that Laura runs her company on a consultative basis. She performs most work herself and she really likes being a part of the Mesa and Phoenix valley community. Locksmith work is rewarding for her as she loves helping her business clients and neighbors stay safe! Both she and on call staff is always training and current on the newest locks on the market. The Lock Lady in the Phoenix Valley. If you see her on the road, feel free to ask Laura any locksmith questions you have.

High Security Locks & Keys

Many of our locksmith Mesa AZ commercial clients elect to install high security locks and keys. We install restricted keyways for commercial locks.   Our clients utilize keys that truly cannot be duplicated by employees or vendors. We install locks that cannot be picked or bumped and are drill resistant to attack. A locksmith has to understand your particular door configuration.  The Lock Lady will suggest quality applications for your specific door situation. Locks can be confusing, call an expert to help you choose best application for your business or home.

Help  – We Lost Our Home Keys.

This is frequent call into our office.

“I just moved in and I don’t have the key to our door locks. Help!”

As your trusted locksmith Mesa  we will have a number of questions to ask you about this situation:

  • What are your security holes?
  • Who needs access?

All homes and buildings have vulnerable areas, but they don’t have to be so vulnerable. Call us and speak to a locksmith Mesa AZ pro who can ask you the right questions and work out a good balance for your security needs and your check book.

Often we will get a call about a mailbox without keys. We will ask you off the bat if you know exactly which Mesa mailbox is yours?  Are the mail box units owned privately, or to your HOA?  If the answer is YES to both of these questions, then an Lock Lady Mesa locksmith can help with your situation.

You must have a valid Arizona ID and/or drivers license, or a Mesa AZ utility bill, or some other quality documentation that has your address information appearing correctly to request mailbox service.

If you are unsure as to which unit is yours or the United States Postal service owns the box units, we cannot help you with your request for mailbox service.  Why? It’s against the law for locksmiths to rekey government owned boxes, and The Lock Lady is the ethical locksmith service choice for your Mesa building or home.

Our Service Locations Mesa AZ
We service the following zip codes for locksmith services in Mesa AZ:
85215, 85207, 85203, 85213, 85281, 85201, 85205, 85283, 85202, 85210, 85204, 85206, 85208, 85120, 85209, 85234, 85233, 85212, 85124, 85251