Building Lockouts-Home Lockouts-Car Lockouts

building lockouts

Building Lockouts

Building Lockouts are frustrating and very disruptive for businesses. All owners should have a good business locksmith on their team.  A dependable locksmith is necessary for all building lockouts. The Lock Lady is a talented locksmith. She is excellent at picking locks. She does not choose to drill locks as her first option to get you inside. No matter the method she uses for the lockout, she will be fast, efficient and professional.

How do you avoid Building Lockouts?

It’s very simple. Avoid building lockouts by paying attention to door and lock issues.  When locks begin to “act funny” call The Lock Lady Locksmith. Below are examples of common issues:

  • It’s hard to lock up at night
  • Keys bend and are difficult to insert into locks
  • It’s hard to make the deadbolt move with your hand
  • It’s difficult to retract deadbolts using a key
  • Glass storefront doors lock from only one side
  • Doors are not closing properly

Home Lockouts

There are many reasons for home lockouts.  Lost keys and broken locks attribute the majority of our home lockouts. We pick open approximately 95% of her home lockouts.  One type of lock that we drill is the SmartKey lock by Kwikset. We usually find these locks on homes and by first glance, we will let you know that we must tactfully destroy the lock to defeat it. A professional locksmith will know how to do this safely and without damage to doors.

The Smart Key lock cylinder was created with plastic parts. This lock cylinder can be quite problematic and result in a lock out. Kwikset SmartKey locks should never be installed on rental homes.  This lock is easily rekeyed and result in lock outs for owners.  These locks break easily when a poorly made key is inserted. Plastic parts do not last long in Arizona. Kwikset designed this lock with lock bumping in mind. The lock cannot be bumped, however, it can be defeated.

Car Lockouts

car lockoutsWe get you in quickly and safely. Hire a locksmith who quotes accurately and clearly for car lockouts. A scam locksmith service will quote a “$15 service call plus labor.”  Scam locksmiths arrive for lockouts and price jack.  Charges of $200-$300 for lockouts occur often. Scam locksmiths roam Arizona. It is a problem. The Lock Lady has never damaged a car door. Contact us for a car lockout. Hire a locksmith who is honest.

Please note: We perform Car Lockouts ONLY.  We do not originate car keys, nor provide rekey services for vehicles. Please search for a locksmith who only performs this type of work. The Lock Lady is very grateful and feels blessed to run a successful locksmith service.  She chooses to service ONLY Buildings, Homes and Lockouts.